What type of construction do you specialize in?

Bevilacqua & Sons works mostly on a business to business relationship. Meaning you hire our business to help build your business; office space -restaurants - medical - retail - hotel - structural work to name a few.

Although we don't seek out residential remodel work, we have and will build homes or income properties out of the ground and have also built-out luxury condominium units in some of San Francisco's wealthiest neighborhoods.

What areas do you work in?

Bevilacqua & Sons performs construction services throughout the Bay Area - from Marin, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and anywhere in between.

When should I hire a general contractor?

Hiring the general contractor to be part of your team at the same time as the architect, tenant broker or real estate agent, can help ensure that you have a quality project that is completed on time and on budget. If hired or consulted during the space or site selection process, the general contractor can help decide on the feasibility of competing spaces or sites, help determine the upfront costs of any potential ADA or structural issues that may arise. For example, working with the complete team upfront will help you determine that a particular site, although more expensive, is better and will save money in the long run because it does not require as much construction work up front. Or could allow you to go back to a potential landlord/seller for a particular site and negotiate a lower lease rate or selling price because of construction feasibility issues.



If you'd like to avoid the time consuming tasks of dealing with the construction manager, architect, engineers, let us design build a project for you turn key.  Meaning we handle not only the subcontractors but all the other design professionals that make up the project. We have skilled architects and engineers we work with. We come in as a team and control every aspect of their contracts, you only need to contract and work with one firm - Bevilacqua & Sons.

Who will manage and warranty the work?

During the course of your project we will be managing every aspect of construction with highly trained and experienced in-house laborers, carpenters, foreman, and superintendents as well as a pool of approved and reliable subcontractors but it doesn't stop there. You'll be assigned a project manager who will be with you every step of the way to explain and communicate the budget, work in place, and schedule until completion.

Once complete you'll get a close-out package consisting of warranties from each sub and their contact information, manufacturer warranties on installed equipment, maintenance & care documentation for all materials needing care, and as-built drawings if appropriate, and copies of permit sign-offs and city documentation needing completion.

Also of importance is a lien free project. We will insurance that each subcontractor or consultant that works for us invoices us in timely manner insuring proper payment to all. In turn you'll be provided lien releases for each payment providing proof and piece of mind that each vendor on the project has been paid and ensuring no mechanics liens can legally be filed on your property.

Your project will be managed with the care and consideration it deserves - big or small.