Preconstruction: Budgeting & Scheduling

On the front end of any project, let us assist in identifying the major features, pitfalls, and goals by providing preliminary cost and scheduling analysis.

Let us assist you and be apart of the necessary due diligence needed before making any decisions on relocating your offices or changing locations, remodeling or building a new commercial building or home, developing a piece of property, or planning and budgeting for any long term construction and capital expenditures.


General Contracting: Construction & Management

Our highly trained and experienced team knows how to manage a project from start to finish. The key is multidimensional:

1) The Project: Effective management, communication and oversight of a clean and safe site, of each subcontractor's contract and scope of work, and of the quality of the work installed during each phase.

2) The Budget: Management and oversight of the client's budget by understanding the financial constraints in relation to the design and intended project site.

3) The Project Schedule: tying both 1 & 2 together to manage and control the time it takes to get from start to finish by effectively communicating the importance of each task in any given schedule.


Maintenance & Carpentry Services

No job is too small. We have a crew of highly trained carpenters and laborers to assist in most any maintenance or small project. Installing decorative moldings, changing out an old lock set or installing a new door assembly, rearranging a couple new offices within your suite, or installing some cabinets and convenience outlets. Let us know what you need!


Let's work together!

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